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Just to say that yes we are selling tickets for the gig in the shop. They are £20 each with no booking fee.


Quite an eventful last few days. No sooner had Ballboy been confirmed as the special guests for the night when Malcolm Ross had to pull out. Malcolm had been struggling with a virus for a while and though now well on the road to recovery felt he would be too under-rehearsed to play the gig. He will however hopefully be doing something at another Avalanche event planned for early next year. All being well Malcolm should be in the crowd so feel free to ask him to hum you a couple of tunes.

However things were soon looking up again as Kid Canaveral just announced as having Avalanche’s best selling album of the year in “Shouting At Wildlife” agreed to be added to the bill making it an Avalanche best sellers quartet. This year the Scars and TV21 reissues edged our best selling album ever Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” from the top spot it has held for several years while Ballboy have sold more albums over the years in Avalanche than any other local band.

A late surge in the last two weeks meant we felt that a bit like the bookies announcing the league champions early we could safely say that Kid Canaveral would top the chart. The Savings and Loan album was a definite contender for the top slot as the EP it was based on had received a fantastic response from customers whenever we played it in the shop but came out just too late in the year to catch up though I am sure it will continue to sell throughout next year. We will publish the full top 20 in the next day or so and as usual it will be revised slightly at the end of the year to allow for any last minute sales rushes. The Scottish Enlightenment just made it into the top 20 and may rise further and the Phantom Band at 19 has now started to sell again after featuring so highly in people’s charts. Stats freaks will be pleased to know we made an adjustment for bands whose album came out while we were closed giving them the sales figures we had predicted before we knew exactly how long we would be shut.


We asked BT to install a phone line with broadband on November 3rd. We were told we could keep our phone number as we were on the same exchange in the Grassmarket and it would take 6 to 10 working days. We were then allocated a date of Friday 26th ! An engineer did appear on the 26th but discovered that the exchange was actually not the same as Cockburn Street and therefore he couldn’t do the job. BT said they would sort it out as quickly as they could. I was expecting the following Monday but I was told it was a new job and I would join the back of the queue again though they would “escalate” it to make it quicker and then appeal that date to make it even quicker again. The first date I was given was December 29th which it turned out was the escalated date (otherwise it would be the third week of January). An appeal was made by the engineer in charge of the job but he got nowhere.

I was told there was no point in complaining by others who had faced similar BT cock ups but eventually I did complain to sales who promised to try and get a quicker date. After a couple of emails they have not replied since. It looked like Virgin Media might have been quicker but hampered by the bad weather they too now are not sure when they can install a line. We at least have a site inspection from them tomorrow. BT have warned there might be further delays caused by the bad weather but have not changed the 29th date as yet.

A big thank you to all our customers for being so understanding especially about not having a credit card machine. Thankfully there is at least a cashline machine nearby. Currently the old phone number is being forwarded to my mobile but that will not continue much longer. Ironically BT make a point of saying how stressful it is moving a business and that is why they have set up a special team just to deal with businesses moving. As many of you will know there have been many ups and downs in our move to the Grassmarket but BT’s inability to identify the correct exchange and then rectify their mistake quickly has been the most stressful part of the whole move.


After a pitch inspection or rather a street inspection we are open. Stuck out in the wilds of West Lothian with thick snow coming down and news on the television of heavy snow for Edinburgh too I wasn’t sure it would be sensible to open but after consulting with our neighbours Red Dog we decided to give it a go. The BBC forecast is heavy snow and a temperature of minus one for the city centre but hopefully some hardy souls will feel the overwhelming need to buy their loved ones the Scottish Enlightenment CD (our biggest seller yesterday) for Christmas and make their way to the Grassmarket.

Stars In Their Eyes Tickets

We are now sold out though there will be tickets on the door if you get there early. Just a quick apology if you were charged a booking fee yesterday for tonight’s gig. The price was meant to include a booking fee. You can reclaim your pound next time you are in the shop. All unclaimed money will go in the charity box.


We will be open this Sunday 12th so there is plenty of time to catch up on all that Christmas shopping put on hold during the recent bad weather.


Hopefully things will be back to normal and we will open at 11am tomorrow so please come and buy something !


Ali is back from his gig in Cork and the shop should be open as soon as we can after midday. So long as our plumber makes it in today or tomorrow the coffee shop should be open on Friday. More news on that tomorrow.


No trains or buses in West Lothian running but getting a lift into Edinburgh now (11am). Nice sunny day everywhere it seems.


Just putting the finishing touches to our provisional top 20 for 2010. As most of you will know by now we like to base our chart on sales and not “staff picks” and oddly enough we like to include our sales for December 2010 in our 2010 chart something the Savings and Loan will be glad of. Speaking of which if everybody who has asked for the album buys it then it will steal the number one slot from Frightened Rabbit whose album has finally slowed down and now has Kid Canaveral also snapping at its heels. Currently there are 13 Scottish bands, 5 US bands and 2 Canadian bands in the top 20.