Saturday’s In-stores / The Scottish Enlightenment / Paul Haig 7″

We now have some of the 7"s back in stock as well as some lovely new t-shirts and bags

Paul Haig seven inch. You will want to pay £9.99 once you have seen it !
Worth £6.99 of anybody’s money. St Thomas by The Scottish Enlightenment

Just a quick thank you to Desertersdeservedeath, The Last Battle and Kid Canaveral (David and Kate) for helping make Saturday such a success. A good day got even better with a special delivery of CDs from The Scottish Enlightenment which proved particularly popular. We also finally got our shipment of the new Paul Haig seven inch remixed by Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly fame and of course one time resident of Edinburgh which is very lovely indeed if a little expensive. Thanks as well of course to everyone who turned up for the bands and indeed bought something as well which is always a bonus for a record shop these days ! Next Saturday’s in-store will be announced tomorrow.

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