Spectorbullets in-store

Our first in-store of the new era will be by Spectorbullets this Tuesday 16th at 4pm so some of you may need to skive off work early.

“A magnificent combination of the old, new, familiar & unfamiliar.” Spectorbullets is the latest project from ex Fire Engines/WIN multi-instrumentalist, Russell Burn, and NYC-based Swedish singer/songwriter, Gustaf Heden.

Featuring contributions from fellow leftfield pop aficionados, Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/WIN/The Nectarine No.9/The Sexual Objects), Malcolm Ross (Josef K/Orange Juice/Aztec Camera) and the last vocal performance from musician, writer and visionary poet Paul Reekie, who sadly took his own life in June this year, this debut album is bristling with off-kilter pop nuggets with no obvious precedent – it is a magnificent combination of the old and the new, the familiar and the unfamiliar. Weirdly wonderful, off the wall and totally mesmerising in the time-honoured tradition of classic Scottish pop!

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