As many of you will be aware we have finally opened our new shop at No.5 Grassmarket. Thanks to everybody for their good wishes and so far favourable comments. Hopefully it has been worth the wait and it will very much be a work in progress until Christmas when we decide on a final lay out and the directions the shop will take. Those of you who have visited already will appreciate what an amazing space we have managed to secure and the possibilities that it gives us.

I will do my best to regularly update the website with news of how things are going and decisions that are to be made and I welcome as much feedback as possible. I’m putting the finishing touches to an Avalanche Manifesto listing all the things we will be doing and would like to do given enough time, manpower and money and that wil be available in the shop and on our website soon.

It has been more stressful than I ever imagined it would be and I had set the bar fairly high but support from bands and customers has so far been fantastic and is very much appreciated. We had a busy Saturday and next Saturday 20th November we have a day of in-stores with Kid Canaveral and The Last Battle already confirmed with more to be announced.

As they say watch this space !



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