Album Club

The next installment of the Avalanche Records Album Club, is a wonderful album from the brother of J. Tillman (he of Fleet Foxes fame) it is called Pearly Gate Music and is a lovely little album we think should get lots of recognition. Although it isn’t a Scottish act which we try to specialise on this here site. It is excellent and not getting the recognition it truly deserves. And since it is our choice for the album club this edition, we are selling it online at a  special price of £9.99 while the stocks do last.

The last exciting installment was three EPs from the Excellent Burnt Island (still available here) The Boy Who Trapped the Sun from those loveley guys at Chess Club (sold out on CD but we do have the ltd 10″ available here) and an exclusive re-press of the now sold out Thomas Western.

You can still join any time.

£130 for 12 installments

£65 for 6 installments

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