Pearl and the Puppets

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Pearl and the Puppets to play an instore at Avalanche Records on the 6th of May at 5pm

Three years ago Pearl was just another music-loving shopgirl (Woolworths) and student (primary school teacher). She was classically trained (on woodwind) and could bash out a tune (on piano). But she’d never so much as picked up a guitar. Then, aged 19, she bought a guitar. She taught herself how to play it and quickly wrote some songs. Within a matter of months she’d set up a myspace and posted four demos. Within a week, the first record label contacted her.

Pearl spent much of 2009 developing herself: she gigged, she wrote, she gigged some more. Having recruited a band and taken the name Pearl and the Puppets, and now in 2010 releases her first EP, Because I Do on 10th May. Her music draws influence from the likes of Regina Spektor and Feist, but also from every day observations about life and her effervescent melodies have seen her music already find its way onto advert soundtracks all over the world, even if you may not have heard of her just yet.

Right now Pearl and the Puppets are finishing off their debut album, due for release later in 2010.


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